Blue Chip Football Academy Registration and Payments

The Blue Chip Football Academy now offers several payment methods.

1. As in the past, you can enclose a check with your registration form.

2. You can also pay online with one of the credit cards listed below.

Important: If you pay online, you still need to send in your registration form. There is a check box on the registration form that indicates you're paying online with a credit card. (You're also asked for the last four digits of your credit card for tracking purposes.)

When paying online by credit card, you have several payment options. You can make an initial deposit or you can pay in full. If you pay the initial deposit, you can return and pay the balance before the deadline. Choose your option and then hit the "Buy Now" button.

Click here for a Dean registration form (PDF)

Click here for a Mars Hill registration form (PDF)

                     Payment Options