Hi, I just wanted to let you know how excited my son Derrick was when he came home today from camp. He has been to several camps in the past few years and he told me that this camp was awesome. He felt that the coaches were very attentive to the players and that he learned more in the practices that were held this weekend than he has anywhere else. He was proud of himself for being able to do very well in a drill that involved him up against a boy that had 100 lbs and several inches on him. My son works very hard in the weight room and has proven his skills on the field the past 4 years playing for Northeastern. He has been recognized with awards and honors that attest to his dedication and willingness to do the best job he can. This past season he was named all county defensive tackle. He has been told by his head coach that because of his height, he will never play D1 ball....I personally was offended by this because my son and I have never looked for any handouts, ever! My son will accept any offer and be proud to be given a chance. He is humble about his accomplishments and has never been in any trouble. He makes good grades and is a responsible person. I am a single parent and have raised him on my own all his life. He has been put in situations where he has had to mature at a faster pace than most of the friends his age. All this to say...I am appreciative that he had the opportunity to attend the Blue chip camp this weekend. Anything he finds joy in, I find the same.

                                                                                            --Lisa Stahl (mother of Derrick Stahl)


I have been to many events and the BCFA had the best instruction and the most coaches by far. I am only a junior and I can’t wait for next year’’

--Zach Weber-Parker - St. Peters (MA) High School 

By the way, Josh did attend your camp in Franklin and it was a great camp. Maybe the best around that I have seen…Thanks for inviting him and good luck with the rest of your camps as well..

                                                                                           --Daniel W. Daul (father of Josh Daul)


  “Great event, best I’ve ever been to! I GOT MY FIRST OFFER BECAUSE OF IT! I can’t thank you enough.”           

                                                                                        --Dan Arisco - Cheshire (CT) Academy 

“I would recommend it to anybody who was serious about playing college football! My son had a great time, learned a lot and played against some great players”

                                                --Kevin Plowman, Father of Travis Plowman - Gorham (ME) High School                 

“It was the best event, I GOT RECRUITED DIRECTLY BECAUSE OF IT! Thanks so much for your help, it was great

                                                                                        --Doug Macedo Case (MA) High School 

“Great time, don’t change a thing! Most events get boring after  a day, not the Blue Chip, it was AWESOME!! "                                                                                       

                                                                                        --Patrick O’leary - Dirigo (ME) High School 

“Mike has been to a few events the last three years and this was by far the best! He learned a lot and got great exposure. Thanks!”                                                                              

                                                                                        --John Schmidlein, Father of Mike Schmidlein - Chester (NY) Academy

“This was by far the best event my son has ever attended. The format, the quality of coaches and the skills work were outstanding. Thanks for a great experience and we'll see you next summer."                                                                                        

                           --Paul Stephens, Father of John Stephens - Goshen (NY) High School 

“First I want to tell you that the Blue Chip Football Academy was the greatest thing that could happen for me and I loved it. My name wasn't out there but it is now, BIGTIME!"                                                                                       

                                                                                        --Timm Kaminski - Kimball Union (NH) Academy 

“Great event. Brent had a blast! Great exposure, run smoothly!!! So much better than the other events that he has been to. Thanks. "                                                                                       

                                    --Bob Semple, Father of Brent Semple - North Kingstown (RI) High School 

“Great instruction, Great competition, Great mix of coaches, Positive atmosphere, well worth the drive, we will be back”                                                                                     

        --Jeff Hansen, Father of Kyle  Hansen - Blair (NJ) Academy